Binghamton University Alumni Association

Over the last year, I've photographed a number of events for the Binghamton University Alumni Association. From students networking in New York City and enjoying a skate session in Bryant Park, to Alumni Awards at the Edison Ballroom and a talk about genocide prevention led by some of the brightest minds in the field, the Alumni Association works hard to maintain a connection between their former students and the academic institution they graduated from. 

20180109_KU_Bing.Univ_Binghamton in the City_942.JPG
20180109_KU_Bing.Univ_Binghamton in the City_1357.JPG
20180322_KU_BU_Alumni Awards_808.JPG
20180322_KU_BU_Alumni Awards_335.JPG
20180322_KU_BU_Alumni Awards_545.JPG
20180322_KU_BU_Alumni Awards_420.JPG
20180417_KU_Bing. Univ,_Genocide Prevention_065.JPG
20180417_KU_Bing. Univ,_Genocide Prevention_268.JPG
20180417_KU_Bing. Univ,_Genocide Prevention_443.JPG