Director, cinematographer, EDitor


ZipCar frequently likes to highlight the people and places that help make their car-sharing service unique. Their business model encourages adventure while lessening the impact of automobiles on the environment, supplementing public transit when people need to go where trains, busses and subways are inconvenient. For ZipCar, it is the people that use and work for their company that influence the way they operate and innovate. 



ZipCar explores the tiny house movement with Getaway - a company that places tiny homes in random areas outside of major metropolitan areas to encourage city dwellers to take respite in nature. Getaway renters don't know where the tiny home will be located when they book it, which is all part of the adventure. Looking at the bigger picture of sustainable housing, Getaway encourages people to think more critically about the space we take up and how it co-exists within the environment. 

Kate and Radar

Katelyn Sullivan is a volunteer trainer with the Guide Dog Foundation in MA. She works with a prison puppy program, where dogs are brought into the prison by the Guide Dog Foundation and inmates who have been selected from a rigorous application process train the dogs to be service animals. Kate uses ZipCar to drive to and from the prison each weekend to pick up Radar - a dog on the program - for his social interaction training. 

harry gordon

Harry Gordon is an Account Manager at ZipCar by day, stand-up comedian by night. Known for his kindness, generosity, and infectious sense of humor in the office, Harry commands a quirky and endearing presence on stage. Everyone who knows him, professionally and comedically, love having him around and gravitate to his one-of-a-kind personality.