zambia & Botswana

I have never been more inspired than the three weeks I spent in Zambia. Kindness existed in ways that seem to be all but lost in our modern world, and I was humbled by the genuine love it fostered throughout the communities we visited. Parents actively engaged in the education of their children met for a PTA meeting to figure out the best way to structure lunch and who could spare time to serve. Men and women who spent all day working in the fields giving their evenings to help change the tires on a car. The matriarch of the community cooking a feast every night and inviting those of us visiting to eat with her family. I quickly lost that anxious feeling I get any time I'm in an unfamiliar place and could not believe how quickly the time came for me to leave.

Before the long journey home, I spent a couple of days in Livingstone, taking in museums, exploring Victoria Falls, and venturing over to Botswana to be humbled once more by the beauty and grandeur of nature. I came to Zambia not knowing what to expect and left with a permanent imprint on my soul, placed by the generosity of the people I met along the way.